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Old Player Switch Server Top-up Rebate

Time : 2015-12-01 21:42

Dear players,

         Starting from GOW (Chaos) first Alpha Test until now, almost a year has passed. Because of your participation and great suggestions, GOW continues to improve and becomes a more complete game.

       Through a few months of continuous development and improvements, GOW’s brand new version will be launched on the JOYWAR platform next week (! This version includes brand new scenes, new tasks, new battle formation and strategy, new Arena red quality equipment, more powerful heroes and more events, and brand new functions waiting for you to explore! (For server open time, please check the announcement at GOW official site and FB fan page) 

        Today, we sincerely invite all old players to join the new server S6 for this new version launch. For those players who top-up previously in Chaos or GOW S1-S5, we have “Old Server Top-up, New Server Fully Rebated” event, which helps old players to quickly improve battle power and reputation in the new server. The event details listed below:

1st Step: Submit Your Data

After transferring to new server, old player can send email to us through, and provide the following information:

1.       Your old platform UID and account name

2.       Character and server which you used to top-up before

3.       Newly created character name and new server (must be GOW S6 or later)

4.       New character top-up amount

5.       Rebate amount

2nd Step: Rebate Pool

        Once we confirm your top-up history sum amount, we would inform you and record this info, and this amount will be your Top-up Rebate pool for newly top-up rebate. Once you top-up in the new server (not including S1-S5), we’ll rebate 1:1 ratio back to you, until the Rebate pool is used up.

       Example 1: Player A top-up 10,000 Gold in Chaos server, and in the new GOW server this player top-up 2000 Gold. We will rebate 1:1 ratio of 2000 Gold to Player A’s character in new server, and player A still has 8000 Gold left in the Rebate pool which can be used to rebate for future top-up at new servers.

        Example 2: Player B has accounts in both Chaos and the GOW S1-S5 servers, and the top-up amount is 100,000 Gold in total. When Player B top-up 100,000 Gold in the new server, this player would obtain 100,000 Gold in rebate, at the same time the rebate pool is used up. Next time, when Player B top-up another 1000 Gold, this player can no longer receive any rebate.


1. Once the rebate is confirmed, it will be sent to player’s newly created character via in-game system mail within 72 hours.

2. Players who already got the refund for the top-up cannot join this event.

3. Any top-up in the old servers (Chaos S1-S4,GOW S1-S5) after US-Central time December 31st, 2015 will not be counted in the new server rebate.

4. Login account in S6 applying for Rebate should be the same account as the one topped up in the old servers.

Goddess of War Operating Team

Dec 1st, 2015